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Patchwork Talks is a collaborative making and discussion project coordinated and led by India Ferguson and Courtney King. 

Inspired by the concept of the the commons, which is a space of accessibility and sharing. Patchwork Talks is site-specific reactions to different spaces, through the process of collective making. The project will involve inviting a series of different artists, where we will have conversations in different locations. In each session we will engage the artist in conversations, talking about our individual practices and research, with the aim of developing a community of artists and to develop friendships. 

During these conversations each artist will be given a patch of material to embroider on or work on in their specific artist practice. This will form an ever expanding patchwork quilt. This is not only a site of collective discussion but also for making. The full talks and artists responses can be seen on Courtney King's website:

Patchwork Talks: Welcome
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