Movement Lines

This series of work is from my final degree project. The work explores the relationship between line and movement asking us to question he we experience and document movement. My drawings in space are formed of notation lifted off the flat page. Although appearing instructional the work subverts the idea of notation by removing its practical purpose. It asks the viewer to question the reliability of the information presented, whilst highlighting the limits of documentation to communicate movement. The viewer is led around the space by the notation; unwittingly becoming the performer as the presence of written instructions or obstacles encourages a physical response.


Diagram #1

Tape and vinyl lettering.
Instructional drawing that maps the space of the room and encourages the movement of the viewer.

diagram 1 .png

Visualisation for Installation

Graphite on paper.

instalation visualisation.png

Untitled (Instructional Book for collaboration)

Fine liner, paper and card.

book for collab.png

Diagram #2

Black tape, wire and nails.
Instructional drawing exploring bringing lines into space.

diagram 2 .png

Untitled (Instructional Book)

Pen and pencil on paper.

instaructional book small.png

RE:ACT Colab

Still from collaborative work with fellow artist Rosanna Frith Salem. Part of a series of collaborative performance works exploring the relationship of line and movement. 
Full video and further collaborations available on Rosanna's Youtube Channel:


Untitled (Instructional Book)

Fine liner on tracing paper.

Untitled (Instructional Book)