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I am an artist based in South East London. I am currently studying to become a paintings conservator. Alongside my studies I am continuing to produce artwork, working across many different mediums including drawing, sculpture and performance. 
I have recently decided to take a more activist approach to my creative practice. Making work that are both visually engaging and poignant, encouraging the viewer to think about the current climate emergency.

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'We Must Act Now' displayed as part of the Winter Sculpture Park at Gallery No. 32, Bexley 


Moving Through Chaos at Gallery No.32, Bexley

Line, You’ve Crossed It at The Welcome Mat, Loughborough University – Co-curated and exhibited. 

Visual Impact at the MTC Coventry


MTC Summer Exhibition at the MTC, Coventry - Co-organized and curated along with exhibiting. 

Measurement at the Science Museum Lates Event ‘The Measure of all Things’  – Part of a large event, displayed artwork and ran an activity for visitors.  

Measurement at the Coventry Transport Museum – co-curated, exhibited and ran an activity for visitors.

Measurement at MTC, Coventry - Co-organized and curated along with exhibiting.

Making a Mark at the MTC, Coventry - collaborative exhibition between Loughborough University and MTC which I co-organized and co- curated and exhibited. 


WW1 Memorial Exhibition at the MTC Coventry - co-curated and exhibited. 

A Changing Industry: Connecting Art and Engineering at MTC Coventry.


RDS Pop Up exhibition at Dumfries House.

RDS Foundation Year End of Year Exhibtion 2015-2016 at RDS, Trinity Bouy Wharf.

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